At Kantorn, there are a total of 190 rooms who are spread out in corridors and smaller apartments. The size of the rooms varies from 10 – 16 sq.m. + hallway, toilette and bathroom.

The fee is 4300:- SEK per singleroom and month, and 2900:- SEK per spot in doubleroom and month for the academic year 21/22.

Each room comes equipped with a telephone outlet, a television cable-outlet as well as a toilet and bathtub. Every corridor has a kitchen, a common room and a small spare room, used for sports equipment. For the smaller apartments there is a separate storage for sports equipment. The students in the smaller apartments share kitchen/kitchenette and bathroom.


Laundry: There is a laundry room on the short end of the house Kantorsgatan 52, and it isn’t necessary to book a time, instead you just show up and use any free machine. You recycle “food waste” and “combustible” in small containers outside the house facing the street. The approximate distance to the town centre is 1 ½ km. you sign a receipt for the key to your (it also opens the mail-slot, which is situated alongside the corridors main door).

Fiber / Internet

Fiber: If you wish to conect to fiber you need to visit www.bredbandswebben.se. Here can you choose from different offers for your address! To give your address, you need to check the four didgit number outside your door to your room if you live in a corridor. If you live in a small apartment you find it outside your door to your appartment and you also, sometimes need to write “a” for the first room if you follow the walls clockwise or “b” or “2” for the second room. If you need a wireless conection you also need a router. Choose one that keep the speed from the plug.


Kantorsgatan 14, 16, 18, 52, 54, 56 
754 24 Uppsala