At Kantorn, there are a total of 190 rooms spread out in corridors and smaller apartments. The size of the rooms are 18 sq.m

Rental Fees 2023/2024:
Single room: 4530:- SEK per month
Double room: 3130:- SEK per month (per person)

Every room comes equipped with:
Telephone outlet
elevision cable-outlet
Desk and chair
Desk lamp and a floor-lamp

Every corridor has a shared: 
Common room
Small spare room (for sports equipment)                                                                                                                                                            

The smaller apartments share a
Seperate storage (for sports equipment)

Laundry and recycling

There is a drop in laundry room on the short end of Kantorsgatan 34, you can use any free machine that is available. 

All waste needs to get sorted in our recycling houses (miljöhus), which are located beside house 14 and 18. 

To get inside the recycling house or the laundry room a tag is used which you will recieve alongside you room keys.

Fiber / Internet

In order to connect to fiber you need to visit www.bredbandswebben.se. Here you can choose between different offers.                              When you apply for an subscription you will need a four digit number for your room. Depending on where you live, this number can be found in different places.
Corridor: On your room door inside the corridor
Small apartment: On the apartment door 

If you want a wirelees connection you will also need a router, keep in mind that you buy one that keept the speed from the plug.  


Kantorsgatan 14, 16, 18, 28, 30

754 24 Uppsala