Following is a more in-depth presentation of Uppsala Gymnasieboende’s student housing accommodations

They are all at Kantorn

The rooms vary between single bed and double share. It is always easier to get a spot if you are open to living in shared accommodation.

The majority of the rooms have their own toilet and bathrooms including a shower, however some rooms share these facilities with others.

All in all there are about 230 spots distributed within single bed and shared rooms. As a new student it is easiest to get a spot in a shared room. If you are interested in living in any of our housing accommodations it is important to send your web-based application as soon as possible so that we can place you in our cue.

If you have any questions and want to talk to staff members at Uppsala Gymnasieboende you can reach us during our telephone hours are: Monday & wednesday 13:00 – 14:30 and tuesday & thursday 09:00 – 10:30 on 018-26 13 80.

If it is more convenient you can also contact us through our supervisory mobile phone on 0708-65 34 65.
This phone is guaranteed reachable (except for during the summer):
Monday-Thursday 17:00-24:00
Friday-Saturday 18:00-02:00
Sunday: 16:00-24:00

The period of contract stems from August 15th-June 15th.

Read more about our housing-mentors.