Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a presentation of some the most usual questions we receive which we have done our best to answer. The most important factor in being able to enjoy your stay with us is communication, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any and all questions you may have. We are also firm believers in the policy of speaking to each other, not about each other!

When should I send in my application of interest?

As soon as possible, the application is not binding so if you change your mind feel free to contact us. Your application is only for one academic year. If you haven´t got a room for that year and wish to apply for the next year you need to make a new application at our website.

When will I recieve notice if I have been offered a spot?

Regarding the start of the autumn semester, we usually begin contacting prospective students during March/April. From there the contact and placement is on-going until August/September.

Regarding spots in the middle of a semester, we will contact you as soon as a spot opens up, it is therefore important that you give us an up to date telephone number and email address. If you turn down an offer you will lose your queue spot. If you wish to continue to stand in our queue you will need to make a new application (every year). 

What happens if I’ve signed a contract but did not get accepted to the school of my choice?

We have a clause in our contract. If you receive information from your school that you have not been accepted, you will need to send a copy of this decline to us not later than July 31 (the same year as the academic year starts). The contract is then void. If the copy reach us after July 31, you will have a 3 months notice from the day we recive the copy!

For how long does the contract apply?

The terms of the contract apply from august 15th to july 15th the following year. However, in January, all students living with us are asked whether or not they want to prolong their contract and stay with us for the next school year. Students who are already living with us are first in line for available spots, except for graduating students.

What does it cost?

See the specific information for each housing facility under the “Kantorn” tab. The single bed rooms are the most expensive, it’s therefore cheapest to live in a double share room.

The following is included in the price – in addition to supervision every night of the week – furniture, heat, water, electricity, garbage collection and TV-licence. Internet is not included.

If I have questions about my invoices?

Contact Moa at Mfin Ekonomi & Juridik AB via mail:

How are the rooms furnished?

Our rooms have basic furniture such as a bed, desk, desktop lamp, floor lamp, chair, ceiling lamps and  a closet. The majority of the rooms have their own toilet and shower. Normally textiles and light bulbs are not included.

Am I able to stay over the summer holidays or keep my room as storage?

You are able to stay over the summer with the normal monthly rent.

It is also possible to use your room as storage over the summer for a fee of 3000 SEK for the whole time period.

But you will need to make an application and during this time there is no supervision.

Am I able to take a look at my room-to-be before I move in?

As there is most probably already somebody living in the room this is difficult. However, a couple of times a term we have an “open house” in accordance with the Open Houses of some of the larger schools (GUC, Katedral and Celcius) where you can look around and ask any questions you have. 

What happens if i don´t leave my key when I leave/leave for summer or leave it as a storage during the summer?

If you leave your room as a storage or leave it empty during the summer you need to leave all your keys you have recieved from us the same day that you have your inspection. If you leave your keys at al later date you will be charged 200:-/day until we have all the keys from you. This does not apply for the students staying over the summer.

If you are moving out for good and don´t leave the keys at the inspection you will have to pay for the lost keys and in worst case you will have to pay for a new lock with keys. If you know that you miss a key, please get in touch with us so we can solve it in the best possible way.

May I bring a pet?

No, you may not. We have a strict no-pets-policy due to allergies.

Will I require a special insurance?

Your parents’/guardians’ home insurance policy will cover you, usually with a low deductible fee. We have a general policy which applies to you, but the deductible fee is notably higher so we recommend students to use their parents’/guardians’ policy.

Is food included?

No, food and cooking is your own responsibility but you will get free lunch at your school during school days.

Is there a kitchen/Tv-room?

Yes, in the housing with corridors there are also TV-rooms as well as a kitchen complete with a fridge, freezer, oven and stove as well as a microwave. In the smaller apartments there is a kitchenette/kitchen with a fridge, freezer, stove and oven.

I don’t like the colour of my walls; can I paint or put up new wallpaper?

You may paint or wallpaper your room, but keep in mind this needs to be done to a professional standard. You must also run colour and material samples by us for an OK. If you decide on another colour than the original, you must repaint it back to the original colour when you leave.

Is there an internet connection in my room?

Yes, but you will need to pay for it. You can find different options at For information on how you apply please visit the “Kantorn” tab

Is there a TV-antenna?

Yes, every room has an antenna outlet or the possibility for one. Although we only provide the basic channels.

I am living in a double share room and I am not getting along with my room mate. What should I do?

Communication is key! Start by talking to your room mate about the problem. If that doesn’t help then contact us. We might be able to find a solution for you, but it is not guranteed since all rooms are filled most of the year. 

Are guests allowed to stay the night?

Yes, but you will need to notify the supervisory staff not later than 22.00 the day before. We prefer that you do not have guest staying the night during the weekdays as you need to rest in order to focus on your studies. Furthermore, you bear complete responsibility for any guests you have invited into the housing.

Also note that a guest can’t stay for longer periods of time since we need to respect the other students living in our facilites.

A guest of mine broke something/bothered other students. What happens next?

As stated, you are responsible for your guest and any disturbance they may cause.

Am I able to smoke indoors?

It is illegal by Swedish law to smoke indoors. 

Is alcohol allowed?

We have a zero tolerance against alcohol (and drugs). If you, or any guest of yours is caught drinking or in possession of alcoholic beverages the result is a disciplinary meeting but also a 2-4 weeks suspension from the housing. If you are under the age of 18 and come home drunk your parent or guardian will be notified.

My guest has alcohol with them and refuses to take it out of my room. What should I do?

Contact us immedietly and we will come and help you. This shows maturity and no disciplinary actions will follow.

How does the cleaning work?

 You take care off your own dishes, food waste, trashes etc. Show respect for those you are living with and it will be a better place for everyone!

What is there to do in my spare time?

Uppsala centrum is around 2,2km from Kantorn (7-8min with bike), here you can shop, go to the cinemas, sightseeing, go to restaurants and much more.

Gränby centrum is also located 2,2km from Kantorn, this is Uppsala’s biggest shopping mall and you can find most things there, they also have cinema and lots of different shops and restaurants.

If you want to go to the beach in the summer there are 2 beaches a bit further away from Kantorn, but you can take the bus to both of these places quite easy (Lyssnaängen and Storvretabadet)

Other than that we have a long-standing collaboration with Sweden’s best badminton club – Fyrisfjädern. All our students are able to play for free weekdays until 16.00 and all day on weekends. The hall is located 1,4km from Kantorn. Beside Fyrisfjädern there is also a swimming facility with slides, bubble pools and a diving tower but also normal swimming lanes.

Student mentors – what are they?

As previously stated, student mentors are students who have lived with us for at least a year and constitute a link between you and the staff. The mentors can answer your questions, help you out with activities etc. You can find a list over mentors at your housing.

Are there laundry facilities?

Yes, we have a drop in laundry facility on the short end of house 34. Here you can use any machine that is available anytime.

What do I do with garbage?

Kantorn offers recycling; food waste and combustible. You can find our waste houses beside house 14 and 18 with containers inside. Paper, plastic, metall and other stuff all gets sorted in here. You get inside the house with your tag