Welcome to Uppsala Gymnasieboende

Since 1994, Uppsala Gymnasieboende AB has run student housing in Uppsala. The company is privately owned and is contracted by Uppsala Municipality.

The main purpose of Uppsala Gymnasieboende is to provide supervision and housing for gymnasie students from other municipalities who are studying at Uppsala schools.

Just like at home we want you to be active, so as well as the option of free playing times at Fyrisfjädern (weekdays up until 4pm and all weekend) we have an activity night every week at Fyrisfjädern.

The goal of the supervision staff is to ensure that the housing feels comfortable, familiar, and like a home. The housing is also set up to provide prime study conditions.

This website provides you with further information about Uppsala Gymnasieboende’s different student housing facilities, what they look like as well as how the supervisory staff works to ensure that all our students feel at home. The website also provides addresses to the different housing facilities, a useful map as well as an easy function where you express your interest in living here.




Our Housing

When Uppsala Gymnasieboende in the spring 1994 took over operations as student housing company, they saw it as their most important task to ensure youths and their parents a safe and quiet accommodation. More information


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